Could you be Susanna’s hero?

Susanna Petersburska, four, from Eccleston Park, who has cerebral palsy, sister Maja, six, and their mum Monika
Susanna Petersburska, four, from Eccleston Park, who has cerebral palsy, sister Maja, six, and their mum Monika

A ST Helens family have made a fresh appeal for help to raise enough money to send their daughter to America for pioneering medical treatment.

Andrzej and Monika Petersburska need £60,000 to pay for the ground-breaking operation.

Five-year-old Susanna suffers from spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, which means the muscles in her legs tighten to such a degree that she cannot walk.

Her family are pinning their hopes on a treatment called selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) which will release the tension in her legs and enable her to take her first steps.

However, the treatment is only available in St Loius, Missouri.

The St Helens Reporter has backed the Petersburskas by launching a campaign supporting their plight but now the family are looking for an indvidual to help them get their fledging fundraising activities off the ground.

They have already raised £7,000.

Dad Andrzej said: “The people of St Helens have been lovely and have made us feel really welcome since we moved here but, we still don’t know many people which is making it difficult for us to know who can help us with our fundraising.

“We have lots of ideas just not the local knowledge of who to approach for what and how.”

“We urgently need somebody who is involved with the community to help us, we are not asking for their money just their time and willingness to share what they know about the area.

“If Susanna has the SDR operation she has a great chance to walk independently. Without it she is going to end up a full time wheelchair user, if there is anybody out there who can help they really would be a hero to us.”

Helping Susanna’s family raise the money for the operation are national charity, Caudwell Children, who support families caring for sick and disabled children.

Caudwell Children chief executive officer Trudi Beswick said: “We have been working closely with the Petersburska family to assist with their fundraising but they are struggling to get local people involved with their appeal.”

Anyone interested in helping the family can contact Caudwell Children on 01782 600867 or to donate visit