‘Control freak bully’ charged with 30 sex offences

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A Billinge man accused of being a violent sexual bully who assaulted nine females has denied the allegations.

Paul Hitchen is on trial at Liverpool Crown Court denying 30 sexual offences, including rapes, and additionally one of assault causing actual body harm and another of false imprisonment.

His alleged physical and sexual violence came to light after one of his victims told police of her ordeal at his hands and an investigation “revealed she was not alone in making such allegations” against him.

The jury has heard that many of the alleged offences occurred while Hitchen lived in Gantley Avenue, Billinge with his grandmother, to whom he was allegedly “domineering and aggressive”.

When she heard some of his abusive behaviour and told him to desist was herself threatened.

However, asked about this by his barrister Paul Treble, 35-year-old Hitchen, of Ormskirk Road, Newtown, denied behaving badly towards his grandmother.

He said he had lived with her for seven years and though they had their “ups and downs” he had not mistreated her.

The court has heard that when interviewed Hitchen claimed all the allegations, which spanned eight years by the nine alleged victims - four of whom were children - were malicious inventions and the product of a conspiracy against him.

Alaric Bassano, prosecuting, has told the jury: “There is no reason for the nine complainants to have invented false allegations against him and his contention that they have independently done so defies common sense.”

He said that the children who Hitchen allegedly sexually abused were aged between nine and 16.

He allegedly abused a 13-year-old girl at her father’s home in Worsley Mesnes or when driving her to and from that address while she was in her school uniform.

Love letters to that alleged victim were recovered from his jacket.

He claimed they were forged and had been planted but a handwriting expert confirmed they were written by him and his fingerprints were also on them.

Mr Bassano claimed that Hitchen also twice sexually assaulted her mum leaving that woman feeling disgusted and in tears.

Hitchen is also alleged to have kicked one rape victim while she was pregnant causing her to bleed and after having previously physically assaulted her on other occasions and having kept her locked in his home for a day.

He also allegedly sexually assaulted another pregnant woman trying to pull her jeans down but fortunately her sister’s boyfriend arrived and the incident came to an end.

Quizzed about all the allegations Hitchen denied that they had taken place.

He denied being “possessive and jealous” and also disputed that he was “a control freak.”

The trial continues.