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A new community network centre has opened its doors in St Helens as part of a weekend celebrating business in the borough.

St Helens Social Enterprise Network invited local people to thge networking event to see behind the scenes of the work that our members do, to show how our members run their businesses and what they do to put something back into the community.

The open networking event was hosted at the World of Glass Café with our members and was well attended by the local community.

This is part of the Community Business Weekend, which will host inspiring events across the country. Community businesses are owned and run by the community, bringing people together to improve the area where they live. The sector employs over 36,000 people in England, with combined income of more than £1bn.

Community Business Weekend is the brainchild of the independent trust Power to Change, which is hopeful that events like these in St Helens will help even more people get involved in helping their local communities.

St Helens Social Enterprise Network was established in 2017, it is a membership network of social enterprise leaders and community business owners who believe that social enterprise can transform the economic, environmental, social, and cultural life of St Helens.

We feel that supporting, promoting and developing social enterprises we can create an environment in St Helens in which social enterprise is able to flourish and society benefits.

Vidhya Alakeson, chief executive of Power to Change, said: “Community businesses help bring local people together, and can provide the services and the big ideas that communities really need.”

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