Citadel gig for Cash tribute act

Ben Welburn who performs as tribute act Cash
Ben Welburn who performs as tribute act Cash
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Music fans will get the chance to walk the line when a top tribute act to one of country’s most influential singers hits town.

Cash will bring the unique sound and iconic songs of legendary outlaw musician Johnny Cash to The Citadel on November 12.

His voice literally brought me to a standstill. I really felt I understood what he was saying

Ben Welburn, aka Cash

Frontman Ben Welburn and his band will perform their note-perfect recreations of Cash’s songs which have been praised by top venues, radio DJs and promoters.

Yorkshire musician Welburn was brought up in a musical family and vividly described the first time he heard Cash’s music.

He said: “His voice literally brought me to a standstill. The words too. They just struck a chord with me somewhere and I really felt I understood what he was saying.

“I got this man, even as a child I could feel it.”

As a young musician Welburn would perform Cash’s songs on acoustic guitar for audiences of friends late at night.

Being primarily a drummer he had no thoughts of taking the Cash alter ego further but gradually friends and family said his renditions of the songs were just too good not to put out on the music scene.

The coaxing worked but Welburn says he is determined to put his own spin on the well-worn concept of being an artist performing another musician’s songs.

He said: “I have always felt a bit weird about pretending to be anyone else other than myself, so the concept of being Johnny Cash didn’t really appeal.

“People were continuously telling me I had to do something with all this Cash stuff, so I decided I would start taking it more seriously, but the word tribute was key.

“I would pay my respects to the man by getting his stuff out there again; reaching out to established and new fans, but in no way would I try to be him. That is just not doable in my eyes, so I don’t want people thinking I think I am him.”

Cash will perform at The Citadel in St Helens on November 12, with doors at 7.30pm. Tickets are £13.20 online and under-18s must be accompanied by an adult.

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