Chewing gum litter blighting Rainford village

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Residents in a St Helens village are up in arms after a costly council revamp was blighted by unconsiderate litterbugs.

Officials have receieved complaints that a rejuvination of Rainford has been spoiled by mindless litter louts dropping chewing gum on the newly re-surfaced tarmac.

One disgruntled resident, who asked not to be be named, told the Reporter the situation was “disgraceful”.

He said: “I would like to thank the council for its work on rejuvenating Rainford Village centre.

“It looks very nice, or rather it did when it was completed just before Christmas, but since then it looks a disgrace, with spots of white chewing gum all over the new black surface. What a mess!

“If all the gum chewers of Rainford would just look at what they have managed to do in just three months, they may just think to put their used gum in the numerous bins that are about, instead of just spitting their waste, without thought onto our nice clean pedestrian areas.

“If you chew gum, just look and think of something other than yourselves!”

A St Helens Council spokesman accepted there was a “real problem” with chewing gum.

He added: “Littering is unacceptable in any form, but there’s a real problem with littered chewing gum - which is unsightly and can cause lasting staining and damage to pavements.

“Gum litter doesn’t sweep away and its removal is time consuming, requiring specialist procedures and equipment - all of which is very expensive.

“We would urge everyone to either use a bin or else take their waste home with them for disposal there.

“Environmental wardens patrol our streets and will issue £75 Fixed Penalty Notices to anyone found littering.”