Charity boss’ leap of faith

Lynn Duffy skydive
Lynn Duffy skydive

THE daredevil founder of a St Helens “last wish” charity hurled herself out of a plane from 14,000 feet on a fund-raising tandem skydive.

Lynn Duffy, founder and chief executive of the HoneyRose Foundation, took on the nerve-racking leap of faith at Flookburgh in Cumbria to help raise vital funds for terminally ill adults.

All the proceeds, which are still being collected, will go towards funding extra-special days out for adults aged 40 and over who are suffering from terminal or life-limiting illnesses.

Lynn, 57, told the Reporter: “I was so nervous at first when I was being strapped in to all the equipment, and even more nervous as the plane climbed higher and higher.

“As we got further above the clouds, I was half-wondering what on earth I was doing leaping out of a plane. I didn’t have much time to ponder though, as all too soon it was time to take the plunge - quite literally!

“Even though I knew the guy behind me was trained and does this all the time, it was still quite nerve-racking.

“But then, all of a sudden, we were no longer on the plane, and were just free falling in the air, and all the nerves vanished.

“It was such an adrenalin rush hearing the air rush past my ears and then, when the parachute came up, everything seemed so silent. I can’t believe how peaceful it was up there.”

Back in 2009, the HoneyRose Foundation was saved from financial meltdown by undercover millionnaire Charlie Mullins, who donated £20,000 as part of Channel 4’s hit reality programme Secret Millionaire.

But they still rely heavily on support from fund-raising events like Lynn’s sponsored skydive.

Lynn also told how she was blissfully unaware that the cameraman who skydived alongside her was forced to resort to his emergency parachute after his regular parachute failed to open!

She added: “I landed with a bit of a bump, but honestly, it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done, and such a thrilling experience. I wanted to just go straight back up and do it all again!”

* Teams of golfers are invited to enter a HoneyRose fundraiser at Widnes Golf Club on August 26.

For £200, you can enter a team of four golfers and enjoy an evening meal, with entertainment. Call 01744 451919.