CCTV stops drug deal in its tracks

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EAGLE-eyed council CCTV operators have been praised for helping stop a drug deal in the town centre during the early hours of the morning.

Staff manning street cameras spotted three men in the North John Street area acting suspiciously.

They were further altered when they saw one man appear to hand the others some white powder from a container, which he placed inside his sock.

Police were alerted and when they arrived, one of the group was arrested on suspicion of possession of a controlled drug.

In a separate incident, camera crews’ vigilance led to the arrest of a man in breach of an anti social behaviour order (ASBO).

He was seen acting suspiciously at the Co-Op store on Higher Parr Street and the police were called.

Although he then went to leave, he was tracked on camera until officers were able to pick him up.

He was discovered with a pack of stolen cakes from the store and found to be in breach of the ASBO - which prevented him from entering Co-op stores in the area.

CCTV cameras have helped track down numerous criminals over the past years.