CBB Steph: Boyfriend will understand my TV romance

Sam Reece and Stephanie Davis
Sam Reece and Stephanie Davis
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Celebrity Big Brother finalist Stephanie Davis believes her boyfriend will “understand” her romance with Jeremy McConnell in the house.

Speaking during a “press conference” task which saw evicted contestant Megan McKenna return to grill and be grilled by the finalists, she said her love for male model Sam Reece had died “a long time ago”.

Stephanie Davis in Celebrity Big Brother

Stephanie Davis in Celebrity Big Brother

Former Hollyoaks star Davis, from Prescot, said: “It’s not about revenge. I think Sam would even understand, because I think he knows, he loves me that much I think he’d look at me and be like, ‘I know I lost you a long time ago’.

“But he’s holding on to something that I ended up losing the love for.”

Davis and McConnell’s flirtation escalated over the course of the show and they were soon spending time in bed together, before he was evicted last week.

Davis told the former Mr Ireland that she loved him, while he handed her a locket on his way out of the door as a keepsake.

McKenna said she had spoken to Reece, as they had appeared together at Pure nightclub in Kent on January 29 for a PA - or “personal appearance”.

Hearing about the PA, Davis declared: “Lap up the money! Have a good time! I have found someone now who genuinely cares about my heart and would never hurt me again.”

She added: “F****** enjoy your PAs you k***head.”

McKenna reassured an anxious Davis that McConnell was “100%” waiting for her when she came out of the house.

During the press conference, which featured questions from an audience of TV viewers and journalists, McKenna also had a chance to question her former housemate Scotty T.

The two were becoming increasingly close before McKenna was evicted on day 18.

She asked him: “The press have been saying you was having a showmance with me. So what is your opinion on that - was it all fake?”

Scotty T responded: “Nah. It wasn’t fake at all, because - shall I tell you why? I’d have expected to have that connection with you what I did, was actually real. And obviously I’ll find out what happens when I get out, won’t I?”

McKenna was concerned about Scotty T’s relationship with US reality star Tiffany Pollard, as the two have shared a couple of kisses - with Pollard making clear her attraction.

Both Pollard and Scotty T insisted they had not gone beyond kissing.

Scotty T added: “After I did kiss Tiffany I did feel really bad and I did think of Megan, because I like her.”

The Celebrity Big Brother final will air tonight (Friday) at 9pm on Channel 5.