CBB Steph and Jeremy talk marriage?

Jeremy McConnell
Jeremy McConnell
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Stephanie Davis may have a boyfriend outside the Celebrity Big Brother house, but it has not stopped housemate Jeremy McConnell talking about marriage.

Whilst the pair agreed to distance themselves as Stephanie, of Prescot, is still linked to model Sam Reece, Jeremy admits he can’t let go.

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis

He said: “Say it and I’ll marry you,” and the former Hollyoaks actress joked: “Are you? Are you going to marry me? Are you going to put a ring on it?”

While laughing and flirting, Jeremy says: “No... but you know your parents would love me... You are just an absolute tease. That is all you are.”

In another conversation, he said: “There’s something you don’t know about me...That I could possibly be mad for you.”

Looking shocked, Steph, who had been told days before by Jeremy that their behaviour couldn’t continue, later said: “You’re asking a lot of me and I’m giving as much as I can. Are you actually serious?

You’re asking a lot of me and I’m giving as much as I can. Are you actually serious?

Stephanie Davis

“Oh my god, are you actually doing this to me?”

Ruling out a kiss when Jeremy leaned in for one, the soap actress warned: “Don’t even think about it.”

These scenes are expected to be shown on tonight’s episode.

Meanwhile, Stephanie’s boyfriend is reported to be “devastated” over her flirty behaviour.

A close source told MailOnline: “Sam’s very upset. He’s heartbroken and devastated. He can’t quite believe what he’s been watching on Celebrity Big Brother.”

There has also been rumours that Sam may enter the house. It is not known whether it will be as part of a task - where housemates get to see loved one - or as a housemate.

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