Carole’s wing walk for Whiston

Carole Gavin
Carole Gavin
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St Helens Hospital patient Carole Gavin is set to face her biggest fear by taking to the skies to say ’thank you’ for the care she as received.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, Carole underwent a mastectomy at Whiston Hospital.

Her care then transferred to St Helens Hospital, where she received chemotherapy and ongoing treatment and support.

Carole is so grateful for the support she has received that her latest crazy venture to raise funds is really putting both her physical and mental strength to the test.

On September 22, Carole will face her biggest fears by being strapped to the wing of a plane, rising to heights of up to 1,000 feet and speeding across the Gloucestershire countryside at 150 mph, all to raise money for the hospital’s Burney Breast Unit and the Lilac Centre.

Carole said: “Nothing can repay the debt of gratitude I feel for the staff who saved my life.

“I want to thank the hospitals for all of the care, compassion and treatment that I have received. I have a morbid fear of heights, but I decided to face my fears head on and wingwalk.

“Am I crazy? Maybe. But I feel so strongly about giving something back, and if it helps others by raising a lot of money then it will be worth it.”

Elizabeth Titley, Charity Manager, Whiston and St Helens Hospitals’ Charity, said: “Many of those who raise funds for our Charity are often patients, family or friends, who want to give something back for the care they have received at our hospitals.

“We cannot thank our fundraisers enough for their ongoing support. Carole is literally going above and beyond for us and with her help we can make sure future patients benefit from the funds she raises.”

You can help Carole reach her £10,000 target, by visiting her JustGiving page: