Care home branded ‘noisy, chaotic and unsafe’

Broadoak Manor, Bupa care home, Parr, St Helens.
Broadoak Manor, Bupa care home, Parr, St Helens.

A St Helens care home has been slammed by inspectors for looking after vulnerable dementia sufferers in noisy, chaotic and unsafe facilities.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is taking action against Broadoak Manor in Parr after inspectors judged improvements were required in all five summary areas during the latest inspection of the facility in April.

The recently-published report found the Mulcrow Close home, which is owned by Bupa, needs to make improvements in five areas and found one example of major non-compliance despite meeting standards in 11 of the 16 areas being inspected.

Inspectors said the worst problems were in Havanagh House, where residents were encouraged to gather in loud communal areas and were consequently agitated and disoriented, with staff lacking knowledge to provide high-quality care.

The family of one resident who previously lived at Broadoak Manor is known to be taking legal action against the provider.

The inspectors, who made a routine visit in April and have already returned to check emergency improvements have been made, also found fire doors unlocked and easily accessible by vulnerable service users and trip hazards such as uneven paving flags in the garden. The report also said there was a lack of attention paid to residents’ dignity, with one resident left sitting in the lounge with their trousers around their ankles and another spending long periods of time sitting or kneeling on the floor of the sensory room, while there was also a lack of opportunities for service users to make independent choices about matters such as the food offered to them.

The CQC also strongly criticised the atmosphere in Havanagh House, which was extremely noisy with music playing, telephones ringing and alarms sounding.

Bupa said the report’s criticisms were disappointing and reassured the public it had already made significant improvements and would continue to take action to drive up standards where necessary.

A spokesman for Broadoak Manor said: “We have made considerable progress since the inspection, although we believe there is more to do.

“We were disappointed at the report and while the home is meeting the majority of standards we are working very hard to address the issues raised.

“We have carried out further dementia care training, brought in new staff, and improved the home’s environment including making changes to the lounge area and sensory room.”