Car test is monkey business

Knowsley Safari Park baboons Hyundai i30
Knowsley Safari Park baboons Hyundai i30

THERE was plenty of monkeying around when a car manufacturer set its new family vehicle the ultimate wear and tear challenge!

In the first endurance test of its kind, cheeky safari park baboons were let loose on Hyundai’s i30 hatchback – which has been specifically designed for families with their “little monkeys” in the back.

And it was monkey business as usual when the i30 was parked in the baboon enclosure at Knowsley Safari Park, as it was immediately besieged by dozens of primates.

Amazingly, 10 hours later, the car emerged relatively unscathed.

Outside, the paintwork was smeared and scraped, but the hard-wearing paint protected the car from significant scratches and chips.

Inside, the i30 survived the baboons jumping up and down on the seats, pushing a prodding at buttons and opening and closing storage bins.

Felicity Wood, of Hyundai, said: “We believe in new thinking, which is why we decided to take a new approach with this durability test.”

To give something back to the monkeys for their help, Hyundai donated £1,000 to one of Knowsley’s supported charities, the Primate Society of Great Britain.

Knowsley Safari Park’s general Manger, David Ross, said: “For a baboon, to have a car to play with for a whole day is manna from heaven!”