‘Captur’ the imagination with new Renault

Renault Captur
Renault Captur
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You know a car maker is trying really hard to connect with young buyers when it purposely misspells the name of its new offering to grab maximum attention in the marketplace.

Renault is the latest in a long line of manufacturers content to rip up the dictionary, and its Captur – without an ‘e’ – enters an important and growing category, that of mini SUV.

Competing alongside the likes of Vauxhall’s Mokka, Peugeot’s 2008, Nissan’s Juke and even Skoda’s Yeti, Renault’s Captur has to do more than simply look good to attract the attention of a savvy buying public.

There’s no avoiding the fact that the Captur does look good, though.

Displaying elements of Clio alongside its high-rise hatchback stance, Renault’s mini SUV is offered in a bold and bright choice of exterior colours plus Mini-like contrasting shades for the roof, wheels and air intake frames.

The end result is a car with the capacity to shame some of its more conservatively styled

rivals. It’s fair to say that the Captur can be categorised as a ‘high-rise’ Clio.

The mini SUV’s five-door hatchback layout certainly apes that of the conventional compact hatch, and in light of an increasing number of buyers downsizing from larger vehicles there’s a lot to be said for the Renault’s modest dimensions.

A fraction over four metres in length, the Captur is rooted in supermini territory.

However, with a generous 200mm of ground clearance, in relative terms it towers over the Clios and Fiestas of this world.

The result is a lofty and, for an increasing number of buyers, desirable driving position plus the associated benefits of good all-round visibility.

Certainly, on the cost of ownership front Renault’s current plan on focusing on frugal, small capacity petrol and diesel engines should find favour with cost conscious motorists.

Turbo technology again features alongside an all new 1.2-litre 120 horsepower motor, and like the diesel option there’s the prospect of above average mpg in the real world.

Combine this with the option of a slick-shifting dual clutch semi-auto gearbox on selected models and the Captur becomes a refreshingly easy to use and drive car.

For all the Captur’s neutral handling, accomplished ride and modest footprint, for many the real focus will be on the car’s practical elements.