Capital commute comes to an end

Fire fighter Pete Nugent of Leigh ready for retirement after 30 years service.'25/10/2011.
Fire fighter Pete Nugent of Leigh ready for retirement after 30 years service.'25/10/2011.
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A LEIGH man is retiring after 12 years of London.

Pete Nugent (pictured right) will be hanging up his breathing apparatus and slashing his petrol bill when he steps down from the Fire Service after 30 years service.

Pete of Clifton Road, has worked for the London Fire Brigade for the whole of that time but after meeting his wife, Jen 12 years ago he moved to Leigh.

Although at first, he considered transferring to a station within Greater Manchester, Pete continued his work in London making the 400 mile round trip each week. Pete, 49, said: “I have a few colleagues who commute to work the way I do although I think I live the furthest away.

“I’ve enjoyed my time working in London but the time has come to retire.

“When I met my wife, there were no vacancies nearby and we didn’t really consider moving down to London.

“My wife is from the area and has lots of family here and I only had my job and my mother down South.

“My mother has since passed away and so I decided to travel down each week and that’s how it has been for the last 12 years.”

But Pete won’t be relaxing just yet as he has his 20-month old daughter to keep him busy along with his passion for playing rugby at Leigh Rugby Union.

Pete who is originally from Barking, added: “Travelling so far away has been tiring and has been a lot harder since Elizabeth came along.

“But retiring will now mean I get to spend lots of time with her and with my wife for a change.

“I’ll also be down at the rugby club most weeks, helping out there.”

Not content with reaching one milestone this year, Pete actually made his debut with the Leigh RU first team during a game at the weekend, and at 49, is believed to be the club’s oldest debutante.

Pete said: “I have played for the second team for many seasons but was called up to play recently.

“At my age, I did find it tiring but really enjoyed the game.”

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