Cannabis farm found after fire at a house in Nutgrove

Police discovered what are believed to be Cannabis plants
Police discovered what are believed to be Cannabis plants

Firefighters discovered a cannabis factory in two bedrooms of a house in St Helens when a blaze broke out in the roof of the property.

Crews were called to an address on Emily Street, Nutgrove, at around 5.30pm on Monday (July 3).

They discovered a cannabis farm containing 75 plants.

Police later discovered a host of equipment associated with growing cannabis.

The electricity was also found to have been illegally bypassed.

Insp Matt Drennan said: “This cannabis farm has shown yet again that growing of cannabis also brings dangers to neighbouring properties because cannabis farms are a serious fire risk.

“The people who set up these farms often tamper with the electricity meters to steal electricity, and there will generally be a number of hot lamps hooked to overloaded electricity sockets as well as an extensive watering system.

“Electricity and water are never a good combination, and the fire service have seen an increase in the number of fires they have been called to as a result of fires caused by the crude systems put in place by the people who set up these farms.

“Cannabis cultivation by criminal gangs can cause serious harm in our communities.

“Criminal groups involved in the cultivation of cannabis are usually involved in other serious organised crime and they often rent industrial properties such as this.

“Our communities can help us stop these groups, who are only interested in making money, from turning houses and flats into potential death traps.

“Nobody wants to live next door to these houses and we would ask that if you believe someone is using a property for this purpose, please tell us so we can take positive action and find those responsible for setting them up.”