Cancer roadshow heading to town

Ronan Keating
Ronan Keating
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Pop star Ronan Keating is supporting a Cancer Research UK Cancer Awareness Roadshow which is on its way to Prescot.

Ronan, who lost his mum Marie to breast cancer, is supporting the North West Cancer Awareness Roadshow which aims to educate people about early diagnosis and the importance of going to the doctor with any health concerns.

The North West Roadshow, will be stationed in Prescot town centre at the junction of Leyland Street and Eccleston Street, from June 7 until June 9 between 10am and 4pm.

Ronan Keating said: “This year we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Cancer Awareness Roadshow in the UK.

“I am so proud of the crucial part we have played in this, and we have seen our partnership grow from strength to strength.

“I want to say a big thank you to everyone in Ireland and the UK who’s supported us in making this possible, and I know that my mother would be proud of what we have achieved.”

Every year, around 331,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in the UK – including 110 a day in the North West. But experts estimate that over four out of every 10 cases of cancer could be prevented in the UK, largely through healthier lifestyles.

The Cancer Awareness Roadshow was founded in 2006 in partnership with the Marie Keating Foundation, which was set up by Ronan Keating and his family in memory of their mum. The North West Cancer Awareness Roadshow provides a convenient drop in information point for the local community.

People can have a confidential conversation with a nurse who can offer support to help make positive changes to their lifestyle and encourage them to go to their GP with any health concerns.

Roadshow visitors can also find out their BMI (body mass index) to check if their weight is in a healthy range.

Jessica Turner, Senior Cancer Awareness Nurse for Cancer Research UK in the North West, said: “The Roadshow allows us to get important information out to people as they go about their busy lives - we are literally on the road to beating cancer.

“We are looking forward to talking to lots of different people in Kirby, Huyton and Prescot about the small steps we can all take to reduce the risk of cancer and why it’s important to seek help if they notice an unusual or persistent change to their body.”

To find out more visit or follow the North West Roadshow team on Twitter @CRUKroadshow_NW #YourHealthMatters.