Can you solve puzzle of mystery painting?

France Timlin with Benjamin B Middlehurst portrait
France Timlin with Benjamin B Middlehurst portrait

A MYSTERY painted photograph of a St Helens man was discovered by workers in the basement of a London office block.

Staff at 40forte in Greenwich are determined to solve the puzzle which landed in their laps over Christmas and reunite the painting with its rightful owners.

Company boss Frances Timlin told the St Helens Reporter: “Last November we moved into a new building in Greenwich. We were in the process of sorting everything out when we found this painted photograph in the basement.

“We asked the people who owned the building if they knew who it was. They didn’t, but remembered it being there for as long as thirty years!

“It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that we examined the back of the picture and found some writing which referred to the man in the picture as Benjamin B Middlehurst, a chap who won the Victory Medal in the First World War. The words 10 Andover Road and 7 Park are also scribbled on the back.”

She added: “From delving into local records we think he was born in about 1881 in Rainford and married a lady called B Charnock in 1916 before dying just three years later. We think he may have had children called John and Constance.

“I’m very keen to reunite the picture with his family. It is quite a mystery as to how it ended up in a basement in Greenwich and, more to the point, how the picture has survived there for 90-plus years.”

Anyone who thinks they know who this picture belongs to can e-mail 40forte on: