Call for better security measures after stabbing

Danny Fox died from a single stab wound
Danny Fox died from a single stab wound

A petition has been launched calling better security measures in a town centre after a man was stabbed to death.

Residents are calling on the police and the council to introduce metal detectors for weapons and clubs in St Helens and for security staff to be provided with stab vests following the death of Danny Fox last week.

A post-mortem examination revealed that 29-year-old Mr Fox died from a single stab wound to his upper torso.

He was killed following an altercation between two groups outside Bar 44 on Westfield Street in St Helens at around 3.15am on Friday.

The online petition has been signed by more than 10,000 people since it was set up over the weekend.

It reads: “After the recent murder of a well loved local man in St Helens town centre who was tragically killed by a member of the public carrying a knife the people of St Helens feel that we need more measures in place to protect ourselves and our security staff when out enjoying ourselves with friends.

“The people of St Helens need to feel more safe when out in pubs, bars and clubs and would like to campaign for searches into clubs, metal detection on doors for people carrying weapons and stab vests for our door staff risking their lives to protect the community against idiots.

“Unfortunately Danny Fox the young man who was killed tragically lost his life after trying to look out for other members of the public and this is something we don’t want to see happen again in our town.

“I know the whole community has really pulled together at this very sad time and I think a lot of the people of St Helens will agree with these measures being put into place so can we please get as many people as we can to sign the petition and show our support for making St Helens a safer place to live in honour of Danny.”

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