By George! I’ll have a free pint

Olly Jakes of the Ship Inn
Olly Jakes of the Ship Inn

INNOVATIVE landlords at a St Helens pub are set to celebrate St George’s Day in style this year.

For one day only – on April 23 – Ian and Rita Pidgeon, managers at the Ship Inn in Rainhill, will offer a free pint to any customer named George or Georgina!

All people have to do is turn up with ID proving that their name is George, Georgina, or any other name derived from George, and that they are over 18.

Then, they can just sit back and enjoy a free pint of cask ale!

“Slaying dragons is not compulsory!” explained Olly Jakes, the Warrington Road pub’s marketing executive. “It’s actually unlikely that St George ever fought a dragon, but he has certainly become a very important person for England and we want to honour him by drinking to his memory with his namesakes.”

St George has been the patron saint of England since the 14th century, and he is always remembered on the same date.

He was a Roman soldier who protested against the torture of Christians and, after he died for his beliefs, his image and legend became popular at the time of the early Crusades, before a victory.

St George came to be called upon in times of need to help save the country from its enemies.

But, fortunately, customers at the Ship Inn will not be required to be as heroic to get their free ale.