Complaints received about Coronation Street shop’s ‘flashing sign’

St Helens Town Hall
St Helens Town Hall
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A Windle parish councillor has received a complaint about a flashing sign displayed outside a shop in Coronation Road.

The issue was raised by Coun Alan Cunliffe at the most recent meeting of the parish council.

Official minutes from the meeting suggest the offending business is a newsagents.

“The resident had reported the sign to be distracting,” the document reads.

“The Clerk was asked to contact St Helens Council regarding any planning permission that may be required to display the sign.”

A number of other issues were also raised at the meeting.

These include:

* An email had been received from Cllr Neal, Windle Ward Councillor, reporting that St Helens Council would cut back overgrown vegetation along the footpath in Kiln Lane.

* A resident attending the meeting made an enquiry regarding 183(c). He asked whether St Helens Council would still be considering brownfield sites in their revised local plan.

Coun Cunliffe replied that St Helens Council would be carrying out an additional period of research adding any suitable brownfield sites identified to the local plan. He reported that St Helens Council did not have to hold a brownfield site register.

The Parish Council says it will inform residents of any future developments as and when they were received.