Bus row over pram

Stranded with her baby at the bus stop, single mum Louise Park and Riley
Stranded with her baby at the bus stop, single mum Louise Park and Riley

A YOUNG mum and her new-born baby were forced off a bus after a row over her pram.

Louise Spark and her five-week-old son Riley were travelling to Widnes to visit family when the driver ordered her by out of her seat to accommodate a passenger using a wheelchair.

The 20-year-old was happy to oblige but was told she also had to fold down Riley’s pram before moving - or get off the bus.

“I was sat in the area the front which double as an area for wheelchair users and for prams,” said Louise, of Cumberland Avenue, Grange Park,

“It wasn’t a problem to move but I wasn’t able to fold down the pram. Riley’s pram is one of these ones that has to be dismantled into a couple of different segments and it’s quite difficult to do.

“To do that while holding Riley would have been impossible and told the driver that. He said he couldn’t help me and that he wasn’t allowed to touch my property or hold the baby.

“Basically, I was left with no choice and I had to get off the bus.”

Louise, who was travelling on the Arriva 33 bus from St Helens to Widnes last Tuesday (September 11), has now lodged an official complaint with the company over her treatment.

She added: “It was the fact I had to move. That’s fair enough, it’s that the driver point blank refused to consider my situation and that it was going to be very different to do what he was asking.

“We were just left on the side of the road. The buses are supposed to come every 15 minutes but we were waiting a lot longer than for the next one to arrive.

“Basically I feel I was treated really unreasonable. There was no consideration for my situation. The attitude, it’s the rules and that’s all there is to it.”

An Arriva North West spokeswoman said: “All our vehicles in St Helens are now fully DDA compliant, and the driver acted correctly by asking the lady with the pram to vacate the space for a wheelchair user.

“However, we are currently fully investigating the incident using our CCTV to ascertain if the driver could have done more to help, and will be in direct contact with the customer.”