Bridge work will lead to better travel

ENGINEERING work is set to begin on the News Lane bridge in Rainford.

St Helens Council has announced plans to begin work to install traffic signals plus associated highway and footpath works.

To make progress on the scheme with the least disruption the bridge will be closed from 7pm to 7am on March 16, 17, 18 and 24th. Diversion signs will be in operation.

The signals will provide a safer means for pedestrians to walk across the road bridge, which is relatively narrow and skewed in alignment, which has always made it difficult for them to negotiate safely.

As part of this work, the narrow footpath on the bridge is to be widened to accommodate the large number of school children that have to cross over it, as well as the passage of wheelchairs and prams, hence the need for traffic signals.

Councillor Joe De’Asha, Cabinet Member for Environmental Protection, says: “This bridge has always caused problems for the many pedestrians that have to cross it, putting themselves in danger with approaching vehicles.

“Poor forward visibility for the drivers makes it difficult for them too.”