Brave Norah’s very special wish comes true thanks to HoneyRose

Norah Moore, from Haydock, who has cancer, with her family portrait
Norah Moore, from Haydock, who has cancer, with her family portrait

SHE’S been through more heartache in her 59 years than most of us will suffer in our entire lifetimes - but she’s still fighting.

In 1984, Norah Moore’s was devastated when her beloved 12-year-old daughter Leila was abducted by her father while on holiday in Saudi Arabia.

When the pair were finally reunited in 2002, following an 18-year freedom battle, they had to pinch each other to check they weren’t dreaming.

No wonder then that Norah, who is suffering from an inoperable form of cancer, has described a special portrait of her, Leila and her close family – organised by the St Helens “last wish” HoneyRose Foundation charity – as “a masterpiece”.

She told the Reporter: “After I was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer last September the HoneyRose Foundation gave me a choice of special days. I couldn’t go for a ride in a balloon because I’m scared of heights so I knew the family portrait was perfect for me.

“It was wonderful to have Leila sat next to me on the portrait. My son Adam was also there, as well as my grandchildren, Shannon, 13, Ryan, 11, Alex and Janine, who are both eight, and four-month-old Bobbi-Jo.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the portrait. To me, it’s a masterpiece. It’s beautiful – I look about 20 years younger! It also makes me feel emotional to know that it will be passed down through the family in future and that people will remember me exactly as I would want – with all my family around me.”

HoneyRose were helped to make Norah’s dream come true by Scarlet Weddings, with hair and make-up by Renaissance Hair and Beauty.

And Norah, of Station Road, Haydock, who has already made donations to Willowbrook Hospice and the HoneyRose Foundation – to help other seriously ill adults enjoy a special day – also relived her heartache at the abduction of her daughter nearly 30 years ago.

She recalled: “Leila’s father had taken her on holiday back to Saudi Arabia but then didn’t send her back. She was 12 when she was taken and the next time I saw her she was 30. She left a girl and came back a woman.

“Only when she married over in Saudi Arabia was she finally able to break free from her father. It was very strange at the airport when she finally came home though. I didn’t recognise her instantly and we kept clinging to each other and pinching each other to make sure it was all real.”