Boy hurt at walking day

St Michaels Church, Swinley, Walking Day
St Michaels Church, Swinley, Walking Day

A CHILD was injured when a car crept through a crowd of people who were taking part in an annual walking day.

Police confirmed that a young boy suffered bruising after a car’s wheels “inadvertently” went over his foot as he took part in Rainford Walking Day.

One witness said the youngster, believed to be of primary school age, was hurt next the Church Road car park, near the Kenneth Macrae Medical Centre.

No police action was taken, however, because the incident was regarded as “a pure accident”.

A force spokesman said: “Neighbourhood officers, who were policing the June 18 event, say there was no evidence that the driver was going too fast. In fact, he was apparently only driving his car through the crowd at about two or three miles per hour.

“As he did, though, there was accidental contact with a child at the side of the road when a wheel went over the lad’s foot. The driver of the car was mortified that he had inadvertently hurt the child and subsequently got in touch with the boy’s parents to apologise of his own free will. There was no complaint made and it was just a pure accident.”