Boxing fan scoops knockout jackpot

Lottery Scratchcard winner Craig Lyon at the press conference
Lottery Scratchcard winner Craig Lyon at the press conference
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A St Helens dad scooped the top prize of £300,000 after buying a National Lottery scratchcard.

Craig Lyon bought the winning £3 Bingo Pink scratchcard from Sherdley Park service station after winning £5 earlier that day on the first scratchcard he had bought in months.

He said: “For some reason I was feeling lucky on this particular day and I bought a scratchcard when I went out to work in the morning. I spent £5 and won £5.

“Later in the day – on my way home from work – I called in at the garage and thought I’d spend my £5 winnings on a £2 and £3 card. But I didn’t scratch them straight away – I waited until I got home.

“It was literally a couple of hours later that I decided to try my luck.

“It is the first time I have bought a Bingo Pink and I started to scratch it really slowly. I normally rush but for some reason I had a feeling I was going to win so I did everything in slow motion.

“When I realised I had won I just could not believe it. I was in a state of shock. I checked, checked and checked again and then called Camelot who confirmed I had won. At that point I just started shouting and screaming.”

Craig, 31, a lifelong Saints and boxing fan who is head of the Martin Murray “barmy army”, immediately jumped in the car to go and see his wife Emma, 29.

“When I arrived at Emma’s work she could not believe it,” he said.

“And when I told her the news she thought I was joking. It took me half an hour to convince her it was true!”

Craig, who plays rugby for Blackbrook and is assistant coach of the under 14s, and Emma now plan to take their three-year-old son Alfie on a dream holiday to Disneyland.

He added: “We were planning on taking Alfie to Peppa Pig World in Southampton as a substitute for Disneyland as we never thought this would be possible. But now it is. Alfie is four in March so this will be the perfect birthday present for him.”

Childhood sweethearts Craig and Emma, who have been married for nine years, are also planning to buy a new house.