Boxed in pair break through for charity

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Two mums from Prescot, have completed a 50 hour endurance challenge in order to raise awareness of autism.

Steph Battersby,41, and Lindsey Fairclough, 45, who work as Customer Assistants at the Tesco Extra store on Cables Retail Park, in Prescot, locked themselves in a 3x2 metre square glass box in the foyer of the store, to highlight to shoppers the challenges faced by those living with autism.

They began their challenge at midday on Thursday September 17 and completed it at 2pm on Saturday September 19.

Steph, whose 15-year-old son Jake has the condition, was delighted by the response of the public to the pairs 50 hour lock in.

She said: “It’s been an emotional and rewarding experience. We’ve met so many wonderful parents who have children with the condition, and parents who were completely unaware of what autism involves.”

As well as awareness for the condition, the pair raised money for Caudwell Children’s charity.

“Many parents told us, through the glass, that they had had little support and didn’t know who to turn to for help,” added Steph, a keen artist, who kept herself amused during her self-imposed solitary confinement by painting a number of acrylic artworks. “Our time in the box has allowed us to signpost many families to Caudwell Children. It’s fantastic that they have left the store knowing that the charity is there for them.”

You can support Steph and Lindsey via