Bin men leave rubbish on Rainford street

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A Rainford road was left “littered with rubbish” after council bin men failed to collect recycling left out by residents.

Conscientious homeowners in Bushley Lane put out items for collection on the alloted day last week.

But Kevin Robinson, who lives on Bushley Lane, says this is the sixth time bin men had ignored his street this year.

“I’m more than happy to pay increased taxes if it results in better services for myself and those in need throughout the community,” said Mr Robinson.

“However, it’s a bit of a kick in the teeth for a four per cent rise to come into place on the week that St Helens Council forgot to collect our recycling - again.”

Council workers have now completed the collection and after the Reporter raised the issue with St Helens Council, a town hall spokesman said the authority’s recycling team would review the circumstances surounding the missing collection.

“The council would like to apologise where we have failed to collect on time,” the spokesman added. “We have acted promptly to resolve the situation, which should result in no further disruptions.”

However, Mr Robinson insisted this was the sixth occasion this year bin men had failed to turn up on collection day.

He added: “This is now the sixth time in the last year this has happened. We waited three days, hoping they might just be a little late, before realising they were not coming at all.

“Our road is now littered with paper, cardboard and plastic bottled which have blown out of their containers because of being left out in the open for so long. We’re lucky it hasn’t been particularly windy.

“What’s more, there are food waste caddies left on the pavement - and with the hot weather we had towards the end of last week I fear this could start to attract unsavoury after-effects.

“It would have been nice for the council to at least let us know they wouldn’t be coming, so we could plan accordingly.

“Maybe I should just ‘forget’ to pay that extra four per cent.”