Bikes stolen from St Helens Police Station

St Helens Police Station
St Helens Police Station
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You could be forgiven for thinking it would be the safest place to leave your bicycle.

But that wasn’t the case for two unlucky cyclists after their bikes were nicked from outside St Helens police station.

Officials figures show both bikes were left unattended while their owners were in the College Street station.

Both thefts took place in 2015.

The previous two years there were no thefts reported at the police station.

However, nearby stations are so lucky.

In neighbouring Wigan handcuffs, an office phone, and even a truncheon were stolen from under officers’ noses at Wigan police station.

Brazen crooks have helped themselves to over a dozen pieces of police equipment. The figures span a four-year period and also reveal how only four of the items stolen have subsequently been recovered.

Light-fingered thieves at the Scot Lane station have also lifted a video camera, gloves, a wheel, and washing powder.

However, the presence of uniformed officers does appear to be having some effect on deterring thieves. In 2011 and 2012, there were four thefts in both years, falling to just one in 2014.

The theft figures were revealed following a Freedom of Information request.