Big Brother star buys dream home in Prescot

Craig Philips with the design for his dream home
Craig Philips with the design for his dream home
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Television DIY expert and winner of the first ever Big Brother series Craig Philips is set to build his dream home ... in Prescot.

The reality TV star has recently secured planning permission for a new five double bedroom home with garage, gym and, of course, a workshop.

His new 6,000ft2 home is planned for completion in summer 2018, and is being constructed by Craig’s team of professional builders, with Craig himself also pitching in and putting his skills to use.

“I first began thinking about building my own home in the 1990s,” recalls Craig, 45, originally from Liverpool, “but I only really started making proper detailed plans about three years ago. I’ve been a builder my whole working life and I know the trade inside out, and I have been fortunate to work with some of the best in the business. I now feel I’m ready to do justice to the project.”

He will be using products from the leading construction manufacturer, Forterra.

Craig, who hopes to have the project completed by summer 2018, will be using more than 30,000 Ecostock and Butterley bricks, 3000 Thermalite blocks and a Bison Precast bespoke beam and block floor designed by the company’s experts.

He added: “I’ll be using a lot of different types of building products to create my dream home, which is why Forterra was the ideal choice of manufacturer for me as a self-builder.

“Forterra has the broadest range of quality building products in the industry, from bricks to aircrete blocks, paving to chimneys and roofing, precast concrete to bespoke brick specials.”

Stephen Harrison, Chief Executive of Forterra, said, “We’re delighted that Craig is using building products from across Forterra’s wide selection to build his long-planned dream home. Our team of sales, technical and design experts have helped in the project and we are working closely to ensure his dream house is made a reality.”