Beloved family pet is poisoned by anti-freeze

A FIVE-year-old girl has been left “distraught” after her beloved cat had to be put down after it was poisoned with anti freeze.

Little Holly Woolsey’s 19-month-old moggy, Theo, was noticably unsteady on his feet when he limped back to his Haydock home on May 12.

At first, the youngster’s family thought he had been hit by a car - but only when they took him to the vet did they find out he had been poisoned.

Sadly, despite attempts by two vets to flush the anti freeze out of his system, Theo’s kidneys packed in and he had to be put to sleep four days later.

To add insult to injury, Theo had only been bought for Holly by her parents, Steve and Angela, because her previous cat, Midnight, had also died after being poisoned back in November 2009.

Mum-of-three Angela, of Nathan Drive, said: “We were shocked when we found out lightning had struck twice. It’s heartbreaking - we never thought it could happen again.

“But this is the second time now and our neighbours across the street have had two cats poisoned too.

“Somebody must be doing this deliberately.

“Holly was distraught when Midnight died and spent three days constantly crying so we bought her Theo. Now she’s beside herself all over again.

“We’re all upset though and my three-year-old daughter, Amber, keeps asking where Theo is.

“He was like one of the family.”

RSPCA inspectors are now investigating whether Theo was deliberately poisoned.