Barn blaze at Billinge community farm

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A community farm has been left devastated after one of its buildings was destroyed by a blaze at the weekend.

Greenslate Community Farm in Billinge saw one of its barns engulfed in flames on Sunday after a bonfire was started nearby.

The storage barn’s innards were gutted during the lunchtime incident, and what little property that survived incineration was left charred beyond use.

The volunteer-led farm, which runs holiday clubs for disadvantaged children and supports individuals with additional needs, had equipment destroyed in the incident but luckily no people or animals were injured.

Dawn Heywood, board member of Greenslate Farm, said: “There was a fire on our farm and our lovely new wareing shed was destroyed, along with all its contents.”

They added that investigations were underway but that they were certain that the destruction was not deliberate.

“The most important thing is that no people or animals were harmed.

“We appreciate all your support and messages as we look to recover from this sad time.”

The fire is the latest unfortunate incident to hit the community farm.

In late March, would-be thieves broke into the farm but walked away empty handed.

Damage was done to the premises locks and doors, and the incident caused distress and anxiety for its most vulnerable service users.

Greenslate is a 30-acre working community farm growing fruit and vegetables and raising livestock.

It holds workshops and sells produce direct to the community.

The farm also offers voluntary opportunities to get involved in the day-to-day running of the farm.

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