Balloon launch for World Mental Health Day

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Students from Tuition Services based at the Beacon Building came together on the steps of the town hall to release balloons adorned with positive messages in celebration of World Mental Health Day.

Tuition Services is a specialist education facility to help young people with complex or medical needs – unable to access mainstream education – to develop life skills and attain a formal education.

The launch was hosted by St Helens Council’s Healthy Living team, and was one part of a whole day of mental wellbeing events, with much more going on nearby at Central Library, including art installations, information stalls and an open mic session.

The balloon launch formed part of the #mentalwellness project organised through a community art group ‘Transpire Art’ – which has benefitted from National Lottery-funded specialist art equipment to support pupils at Tuition Services – to spread positivity through the borough and beyond.

The project also saw golden #mentalwellness bags distributed in local shops, containing positive quotes to keep or share, and post on social media.

The hashtag received many positive responses from local people, with one balloon recipient getting in touch to thank the students since, as someone with mental health problems, it had made her day.

Coun Jeanie Bell, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing, said: “The events focused on getting people talking about mental health and celebrating the creative ways in which people living with mental health problems challenge the myths and misconceptions around them.

“And our Healthy Living team announced a new initiative designed to help residents improve their mental health called ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’.

“It’s based on independent think tank research by the New Economics Foundation and highlights five effective ways to help improve and protect our mental wellbeing that can be easily built into our daily lives.”