Baby, you're a star!

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HAVING your photograph taken at the time of giving birth is not something that most new mums would relish.

But what about going throught the whole process in front of television cameras ?

That's what a group of brave women agreed to do at Billinge Hospital recently and their experiences shown to TV audiences pm Sky's Discovery Channel.

The recent screening was the first time two of the programme's stars, Sarah and Chris Berry from Crank Road, Billinge, had seen the footage of themselves.

One of the programmes shows the couple's baby son George - now four months old - born after a gruelling 13 hour labour for 28-year-old mum Sarah.

She said: "I was dreading watching it because I didn't know what they would show and how we would come across, but I thought the programme was really good.

"I cried when they showed Chris passing George to me when he was first born. Then my mother-in-law rang me to say she cried too when she saw it! She thought I was really brave.

"I have been videoing the programmes for Chris to watch when he gets back from work. He has been getting a bit of good humoured ribbing from his workmates about being a film star!"

The 15 part TV series follows Sarah and 14 other mums-to-be as they go through the throes of pregnancy and birth.

Chris and Sarah, who were not paid for taking part, are one of several couples to be featured having their babies at Billinge Hospital.

As well as George's birth, viewers also see 26-year-old dad Chris at his local pub while pregnant Sarah enjoys a girls night in with friends and the couple rushing to decorate the nursery in time for the youngster's birth.

*Anyone who missed last week's programmes will get another chance to see them when they are repeated later this month on the Discovery Channel.