Baby meerkat is causing a stir at Knowsley Safari Park

Baby meerkat at Knowsley
Baby meerkat at Knowsley

Knowsley Safari’s newest arrival is already causing a stir as the latest mob member explores the meerkat habitat.

The tiny pup, smaller than an egg at birth, was born on April 9 .

The latest addition to has spent the first weeks indoors under heat lamps and has only recently emerged as the weather improved to explore their new area with the rest of the mob .

Craig Scott, Meerkat Keeper comments: “Over the last year this group of meerkats have been establishing their hierarchy. Within meerkat mobs only one female can breed so they're an interesting species to observe. They’re incredibly social animals and love nothing more than exploring and generally causing a bit a mischief.

“The group spends a lot of time together foraging for tasty bugs and grubs, so we are spending time scattering food and encouraging the new arrival to investigate.”

Meerkats are small carnivorous mammals native to areas of the western parts of Southern Africa, including the Kalahari Desert in Botswana.

Standing upright on their hind legs an adult meerkat is approximately 25cm tall. This upright position, with their tails for balance, is very common as being a small mammal they are a prime target for predators looking for their next meal, so being able to survey their surroundings is vital for survival.