Baby died after co-sleeping tragedy

St Helens Town Hall
St Helens Town Hall
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A six-month-old baby died after sharing a bed with his drug-taking parents, an inquest heard.

Tragic Kevin Stubbington, of Haydock, was pronounced dead after being rushed to Whiston Hospital on the afternoon of June 15 last year.

An inquest held at St Helens Town Hall heard how Kevin’s parents, Lynsey Stubbington and Stephen Curry, had earlier dropped him off to be cared for by a family friend.

But Kevin, who had suffered from foetal growth restriction and been born with a cleft foot, wouldn’t settle and was taken back to his Elizabeth Road home.

When he then wouldn’t settle in his cot, his parents put him in the bed between them.

But when they awoke at about midday they found him “lifeless”.

Tragically, Kevin was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival at Whiston Hospital.

Police subsequently found a crack pipe at the address and noted that both his parents were known to be users of illicit drugs, including heroin and cannabis.

Tests showed that both parents had drugs in their system at the time of Kevin’s death - which may have affected their judgement.

A post mortem examination found no evidence of violence or trauma to Kevin’s body and no natural disease process which could have accounted for his death.

Pathologists recorded that the cause of death was “unascertained” but pointed to the possibility of accidental overlay by one of the parents given their drug use and the fact that he had been in the same bed.

Coroner Christopher Sumner recorded an open verdict.