Author Geoff Lee working on sixth edition of his acclaimed RL series

Geoff Lee, a devoted Saints fan and prolific author
Geoff Lee, a devoted Saints fan and prolific author
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When Geoff Lee was working as a draughtsman in the Accesories Division of BICC at Prescot in the early ‘60s, he must never have imagined that 50 years later he would still be thinking back to those happy times ... while writing his sixth novel.

Geoff, has already written One Winter, One Spring, One Summer, One Autumn and Two Seasons.

All inspired by his interest in rugby league and its followers and the old saying about work that: “They could write a book about this place. It would be a best seller”.

All are set in his fictional town of Ashurst which is located somewhere in the fields that once lay between St Helens Junction and Earlestown.

His next novel is set between 2006 and 2008 and continues on from where his cliff hanger in “Two Seasons” ends.

He does not yet have a title for the novel although he does have some interesting chapter titles. They include “She’s a Jehovah’s Widnes”, “Minnie Cotton and her Umbrella”, “Pilks, UGB, the BI and Wilkinson Engineering”, “The Church of the Everyday Saints” and “I Can Remember When”.