Attack after row in McDonald’s

POLICE have arrested a man in connection with a vicious assault in a McDonald’s restaurant.

The 22-year-old victim was punched several times in the head after asking a fellow customer to stop swearing in front of his little brother and sister.

Police arrested a 24-year-old Eccleston man last Thursday (September 1) in connection with the unprovoked July 7 flashpoint, which erupted shortly before 7pm at the Church Street McDonald’s.

The suspect has since been released on police bail pending further inquiries.

In the incident, a customer – who had just enjoyed a trip to the cinema with his family – was punched several times to the head after he and his mum both asked another customer to stop swearing.

The victim suffered swelling and bruising to his head and detectives said his 40-year-old mum, eight-year-old brother and six-year-old sister were left “terrified”.

Det Con Paul Foster, from St Helens CID, said: “This family had just enjoyed a trip to the cinema and were treating the children to a McDonald’s when they ended up sat next to two men who were swearing loudly.

“The victim’s mum twice asked them to tone it down but they ignored her. The victim then asked them to stop swearing in front of his brother and sister and, when he did, the offender stood up, threatened him and then launched an unprovoked assault involving repeated punches to the head.

“This all took place in a busy town centre restaurant and several customers had moved away from the pair, before the assault, due to them swearing.”

Anyone with information about the assault can call St Helens CID on 0151 777 6812.

Alternatively witnesses can leave information with Crimestoppers, in confidence, on 0800 555 111.