Arson attack destroys changing room

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A WHEELIE bin fire spread to a changing room hut following a suspected arson attack.

Firefighters were called to Browns Field on Carr Lane in Prescot shortly before 10pm on Thursday (September 6).

A wheelie bin had been set alight and pushed against the hut.

Firefighters extinguished the blaze by 10.37pm, but about a quarter of one of the changing rooms was destroyed by the flames.

Half of the changing room was also left severely smoke damaged.

Fire crew watch manager Chris Howarth said: “We managed to contain the fire and stop it spreading to the other two changing rooms. It was a hut divided into three changing rooms.

“While we are dealing with deliberate ignitions like this we are unavailable for more important calls when people could be at risk of injury from fire and need saving.

“These fires also have quite an impact on the local community as this part of the changing rooms will not be able to be used for quite a while.”