Are you tough enough to face Scully’s Gladiators?

Paul Sculthorpe with event director Mike James (centre) and Ewan Dowes
Paul Sculthorpe with event director Mike James (centre) and Ewan Dowes
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Saints legend Paul Sculthorpe has unveiled a squad of rugby league greats to join him on the inaugural Rhino Gladiator mud run.

Scully and his team will be taking on the public of St Helens this summer at an exciting new addition to the racing calender.

Ex-Warrington prop Adrian Morley

Ex-Warrington prop Adrian Morley

The ex-St Helens and England skipper will be joined by Adrian Morley, Ewan Dowes, Wayne Godwin, Gareth Carvell and Keith Senior in August at Shoots Delph Farm, Moss Bank.

As well as enduring a range of challenging obstacles and plenty of mud, runners will also find themselves taking on a team of RL hardmen.

Scully said: “I’m proud to be leading the team of gladiators for the first Rhino Gladiator event this summer.

“Although there are elements that all of family can be a part of, the challenge for many taking part will be getting passed me - and the rest of the rugby league legends that will be out in force for the event at Shoots Delph Farm.

Former Hull FC ace Evan Dowes

Former Hull FC ace Evan Dowes

“Not that we’re going to hurt anyone - we might even help out if you ask us nicely!

“Now I’m getting the Rhino Gladiator crew together it’s going to be interesting to see how many teams form that will be prepared to take us on.””

Rhino Gladiator will feature 10k, 5k and family-friendly 2k challenges, the fun two-day event will be suitable for a variety of ages and abilities.

Located at various stages of the course, former Rugby League stars and some of the region’s fittest individuals will form the ultimate team of 20 gladiators, aimed to either help or hinder your progress.

Rhino Gladiator is part of the Gladiator Mud Run Series. Widely regarded as a huge success, the first event Gelt Gladiator saw nearly 2,500 people tackle a gruelling and giant obstacle course in Cumbria in 2015.

Event director, Mike James of Endurance Sports, said: “I’m so pleased to announce this amazing line-up of rugby league legends to join Paul Sculthorpe for the first Rhino Gladiator this summer.

“There’s no other event that offers runners an opportunity like this - how many people can say they’ve taken on a Rugby League legend over the weekend?

“The Gladiator Mud Run Series events are about challenging yourself and having fun with your friends, rather than being purely competitive. It is a challenge not a race and suitable for any ability as many walk the course just for fun and not to be the quickest in the field.”

“The RG 2k is ideal for family fun, the RG 5k is perfect for those new to mud events and the RG 10k is the ultimate test of stamina - there really is a race for everyone.”

Rhino Gladiator takes place on Saturday, August 13 and Sunday, August 14.