Appeal over daylight burglary

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Police want to hear from motorists who may have information about a burglary in broad daylight.

Officers were called to a house on Rookery Lane, 
Rainford, shortly 
before 5pm after receiving 
a report that crooks 
had forced their way into 
the property and ransacked the premises.

It is believed that the offence occurred some time between 11am and 4.30pm. Nothing was stolen.

Crime Scene Investigators attended to forensically 
examine the house and an 
investigation into the incident is continuing.

Det Insp Martin Earl, 
of St Helens CID, said: “Cracking down on domestic 
burglaries is one of our 
key priorities in St 
Helens and we are determined to arrest the people responsible 
for this incident.

“On the day it happened, Rookery Lane had some roadworks on it with temporary lights controlling traffic.

The road is on the 
outskirts of Rainford 
villageand is always busy, 
especially at rush hour.

“It’s likely traffic was queuing through the day and we believe some drivers 
may have seen the offenders running away from the 
property whilst they were waiting for the lights 
to change.

If you were on Rookery Lane on May 1 and saw anyone acting suspiciously, 
or you have any other 
information about 
this burglary, I’d appeal 
to you to get in touch 
with us.”

Anyone with information can call detectives in 
St Helens CID on 0151 777 
6812 or Crimestoppers, in confidence, on 0800 555 111.