Anger over shop’s saucy window display

Photo: David Hurst'Ann Summers controversial window display on Fishergate, Preston.
Photo: David Hurst'Ann Summers controversial window display on Fishergate, Preston.
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A campaign has been launched to clamp down on racy advertising displays in Preston city centre.

GP Dr Sarah Glendinning of Fulwood, said she was shocked to see a window display in Anne Summers showing a woman lying back wearing nipple guards, and block capitals stating ‘Your best orgasm ever - money back guarantee.’

She said: “I’m not narrow-minded, but the window displays are where children can see them. Sex shops are not allowed to display things in their windows, they have to black them out, yet Ann Summers seem to think things like this is acceptable when lots of children walk past their shop in the centre of Preston.”

Dr Glendinning complained to Ann Summers, but has been told the campaign “portrays a positive message to our customers as it empowers and encourages women to feel sexually confident.”

The response has been labelled “ridiculous” by Coun Elizabeth Atkins, women’s officer for the Labour Party in Preston, who has vowed to raise the issue at the next full council meeting as the Advertising Standards Authority does not deal with window displays.

Coun Atkins said: “I’m not prudish, but this is degrading to women and the street scene of Preston. A big chunk of Preston’s population will find this highly offensive, but will not want to say anything publically.

“The usual channels of dealing with this seem useless, so I’m determined to get an answer from a cabinet member.”

A spokesman for Preston Council sid: “There is nothing in planning law (advertising consent) that regulates the actual content of shop window advertisements. Obviously, people have different views about what constitutes taste and decency but as long as the window display is not considered in law as grossly indecent, then it is a matter for the retailer to display what they consider is relevant and suitable for their overall brand, image and reputation.”

Coun Atkins and friends of Dr Glendinning are now launching a social media campaign to highlight their thoughts on the issue.