Anger at school crossing confusion

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A St Helens primary has been left without a school crossing patrol after its regular lollipop man was signed off sick.

Parents at Sherdley Park School on Mill Lane, Sutton, were told on Wednesday (January 21) the school’s crossing would be unmanned for at least the new few days.

It is believed the school’s lollipop man was injured after slipping while off-duty.

A number of parents took to Facebook to express their concern that no definite timescale for a return to manned crossing have been given.

However, a council spokesman said parents remained “ultimately responsible” for their children’s safety while getting to school.

The town hall spokesman added: “Unfortunately the regular school crossing patrol who covers Mill Lane near Sherdley Primary School is currently on sick leave – but will return as soon as he is fit.

“As a matter of course the first day of any absence is automatically covered by a colleague, and in the meantime the school will inform parents of the situation.

“The school crossing patrol service is an extra service that we provide to help our local communities but ultimately it is always the parents’ or carers’ responsibility to ensure their children get to school safely.”