Additions to giraffe family at Knowsley

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Knowsley Safari has welcomed two new giraffe to its family.

Giraffe are facing a silent extinction as wild populations come under increasing pressure from habitat loss. The extent of decline in giraffe populations is going largely unnoticed apart from a few recent highlights by media which brought some much needed attention to their plight.

The latest arrivals are a pair of adult males - called Alexander and Orbit - who are moving to Knowsley Safari on Merseyside from Woburn Safari Park, where they were born.

Alexander is four years old, and Orbit turns three years old this month.

Both have been the result of successful breeding programmes and are now being moved to Knowsley as young males would naturally leave their herd and form bachelor groups until maturity.

Eveline de Wolf, Head of Living Collection at Knowsley Safari, said: “While giraffe may be commonly seen in zoological collections and on the African savannah, this iconic species is undergoing a silent extinction.

“It is important that we continue to enhance awareness for the giraffe and take action for its survival. Holding a male only group is a highly important aspect for the success of the European Breeding Programme and at the same time our visitors can appreciate these majestic animals in all their glory.

“Our guests will be able to observe Rigsby, our ‘old-time’ giraffe resident, teaching the young boys some giraffe etiquette. The three boys provide a great platform for our popular giraffe talk, where people can find out what actions are taken to help save them in the wild.”