A storm is coming...

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IT wasn’t exactly a journey to hell and back but Saints’ fans returning by coach and car from Saturday ‘s opening Super League fixture against the London Broncos encountered some of the most horrendous road conditions since the dawn of Super League.

A band of snow hit the jubilant homecoming supporters as they headed north along

both the M40 and M1 motorways in the early part of the evening and it hardly stopped until they had reached the Cheshire border of the M6.

Gerry Moore, chairman of the Original Supporters’ Club, said: “We’ve been running coaches to away matches for more years than I care to remember and it hard to recall having faced such a hazardous journey.

“Our coach left the Stoop at 5pm and we didn’t arrive home for another six and a half hours - ready for a nice cup of tea or a couple of large brandies.”

Jack-knived lorries and abandoned cars littered the motorway network, causing chaos for all road users and in the case of the supporters’ club presenting a problem which no one in their wildest dreams would have anticipated.

Explained Mr Moore: “We were carefully travelling along one stretch of the M40

when another coach overtook us at speed, spattering hard snow across the front of the bus.

“Unfortunately, a piece wedged itself behind the windscreen wipers and prevented them from operating.

“It was impossible to pull on to the hard shoulder, which was several inches deep in flakes, because had we done so we would probably have found ourselves stuck there and for the next few minutes had to continue our journey at snail’s pace until the heating system melted the snow from behind the wipers.”

He added: “I was the kind of journey I wouldn’t like to experience again. It’s a good job we won !”