A new-look recycling service is on the way

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COMING soon – a new-look recycling service.

The council has approved a new-look collection service to help increase the amount of material we recycle.

It will be easier to remember and provide greater flexibility.

St Helens residents currently recycle 32 per cent of their waste – a staggering 22,000 tonnes of material each year that would simply have been dumped in a landfill site.

But new European Union recycling targets mean 50 per cent of our waste will have to be recycled by 2020.  

It means local councils across the country will have to recycle far more than they do now – or face massive fines.

How the new scheme will work

Kerbside sorting (the system the council currently operates – with different type of material separated by residents) will continue.

It helps ensure that everything the council collects is of the highest quality and won’t be rejected by the recycling companies. This material generates a healthy income that goes towards keeping down the cost of the service.

However they’re expecting to recycle more under the new system. And with some residents currently having to remember four different collection days, the council wants to make things easier. So the new system will see all collections taking place on the same day of the week.

You will still have a weekly collection – but it will be for recycling. Previously this was a fortnightly service. We’ll also collect kitchen waste and cardboard weekly.

Two-thirds of the rubbish generated by households can – and should – be recycled. So it makes far more sense – environmentally and economically – to empty our brown bins every fortnight instead of every week.

Green bins will remain fortnightly – alternating with your brown bin collections.

Bank holiday collections will all follow the same pattern. Currently, residents have to wait up to four weeks if their recycling collection falls on a bank holiday.