9/11: St Helens MP Shaun Woodward’s New York horror

St Helens MP at the time, Shaun Woodward, was in New York on 9/11
St Helens MP at the time, Shaun Woodward, was in New York on 9/11
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St Helens former MP Shaun Woodward was another to be caught up in the 9/11 terror attack.

The Labour MP was just a couple of miles away when terrorists smashed two hijacked planes into the Twin Towers.

The World Trade Center's Twin Towers

The World Trade Center's Twin Towers

Mr Woodward, who stepped down as St Helens South’s MP last year, was in Manhattan visiting friends during a business trip to America when the Twin Towers were hit.

Unhurt, but like the rest of the world terrified by what happened, Mr Woodward saw for himself how New York and its people have coped with the aftermath of the attack.

He was due to visit Afghanistan the following month on a fact-finding mission for Unicef.

That visit had to be cancelled as the Taliban, who ruled the country at the time, were sheltering the man behind the attack: Osama Bin Laden.

In an interview with the Reporter in the days following his return from New York, Mr Woodward said: “The events of the past week have been horrifying and terrifying.

“The lives of men, women and children, have been mindlessly taken by agents of evil who must be brought to justice.

“The selfless efforts of the emergency services have been truly heroic.

“They have worked in unimaginably difficult and trying circumstances and battled on despite many of them losing their colleagues and their friends.”