£3m worth of computers throw away every year

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LAPTOPS and PCs worth nearly £3m are being thrown away in St Helens every year, according to the latest figures.

A survey commissioned by the Independent Media News group found that around 8,000 PCs and laptops were binned across the borough last year.

And with the average price of a personal computer being £357 it means some £2,856,000 worth of computer equipment is being scrapped annually.

However, while it may appear that St Helens electrical waste is soaring, others within the North West area have been found to have even higher figures. Greater Manchester was by far the highest with 226,000 kilos being disposed of each year. This is a staggering 90,400 laptops and computers.

Lancashire scraps 41,200 computers each year, Cheshire 24,960, Liverpool 16,000 and Cumbria 17,760. Blackpool was rated as the lowest for computer and laptop waste with 8,050 being thrown out each year – which equates to 12,900 kilos.

Carl Beer, chief executive of the Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority, said: “If you’ve got any type of electrical item including all types of computer equipment that is broken or unused, drop it off at a nearby recycling centre.”

Many electrical items such as mobile phones, computer consoles and computer printers contain valuable materials.

These are valuable in the recycling process and can be reused.

Mr Beer added: “You can take all types of electrical computer equipment to any recycling centre in St Helens as well as other items such as toasters, kettles, irons vacuum cleaners and power tools.”