Swan Lake
Swan Lake

ENGLISH National Ballet has one of the most respected

reputations in the world of dance. So it can only be

good news that they’ve returned to Manchester Palace

Theatre with their much praised all-time favourite

Swan Lake.

This top-notch Derek Dean production has delighted

Manchester in the past. After all, it has been around

for more than a dozen years.

A capacity audience was enthralled, and the

ballet unfolded like a magic carpet of fantasy. The

ordinariness of the outside world was put on hold for

three sumptuous hours.

The deep and heady mood swings which captivated

and chilled hearts throughout were perfectly

balanced with the show-stopping set pieces danced to

perfection to Tchaikovsky’s mesmeric score.

This Swan Lake provided lasting images – uppermost,

the swans mysterious rising from a thick carpet of on-

stage mist, as well at the always lip-curling Dance of

the Sugar Plum Fairy, and the traditional sweeping

entrance of the court in their swirling crimson and dark

blue robes.

The whole company was on top form, never putting a

foot wrong. In fact dancing every step to a wonderfully

high standard.

This love story with its supern ability to entertain

puts another award in the trophy . It is so very well


On until Saturday, October 11.