Happy Days at The Lowry
Happy Days at The Lowry

THERE was heaps of nostalgia and loads of fun in a zestful musical which had its origins in an American TV hit series from decades ago.

Remember Happy Days. The Fonz. The ice cream parlour and loads of kids seeking thrills in a totally innocent world? It made a star of the iconic Henry Winkler who played Arthur Fonzerelli. He has lived in the global glow ever since.

Happy days had a telly life of ten years. Sadly all good things come to an end. But the show that captivated and amused countless millions is back – this time on stage at the Lowry.

This jolly jape is ideal for all the family, and anyone who leaves the theatre without a broad smile on their face has missed out.

It’s a gold-plated success throughout.

Everything is great in Arnold’s Cafe which is the meeting place and home of the frisky young people. But all is not well.

The developers want to smash down the cafe and build “one of those new fangled shopping malls.”

This new musical has a wonderful and funny nostalgic thread – men will never land on the moon, the new board skates, and how baking programmes will always be a failure.

A large cast brings the stage to throbbing life – and as the Fonze, former long-term Emmer dale actor Ben Freeman dominated the stage. A great actor and singer, he never quite captured the quirky asides of the original Fonzie.

Former Sugababe Heidi Range was high quality eye-candy, wiggling her way to romantic success and former Bucks Fizz girl Cheryl Baker as the wife of the cafe owner received a warm welcome.

This was a total team show. It truly brought back the feel good factor factor of those long ago Happy Days when life seemed – and was – simpler.

At the Lowry until Saturday.