Switched on and in love with the sounds of music

Tom Loughlin is one of a number of talented musicians to hail from St Helens
Tom Loughlin is one of a number of talented musicians to hail from St Helens
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St Helens may have produced more than itself fair share of pop talent but it could hardly call itself the centre of the musical universe.

Until now, that is.

A large-scale survey has named St Helens as the place where most people turn to music to lift their mood.

With major talents like Jacqueline Abbot of the Beautiful South and the Verve’s Nick McCabe, not to mention up and coming star Tom Loughlin, hailing from the borough, it’s no wonder we’re a town of music-lovers.

But the poll by free conference call provider, Powwonow, found a staggering 85 per cent of us to turn to tunes if we’re down in the mouth, a far higher percentage than anywhere else in the country.

The results also showed that 34 per cent of people from St Helens listen to music to calm themselves down, narrowly ranking second behind taking a walk (39 per cent).

Music psychologist Simon Durrant said the results showed Sintelliners were not afraid of embracing music in their emotional lives.

“Overall we see a picture of discerning and demanding listeners who know and value their music,” he added.

“As might be expected from the musical culture of the North West, pop and rock songs lead the way in providing a boost in creativity and motivation.”

Rob Gorby, marketing director of Powwownow, added: “It is clear to see that the people of St Helens see music as an essential part of their lives and a powerful tool for affecting their mood.”

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